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Youth Blanket Auction

Hello! The youth are excited to announce they are doing their annual blanket auction online this year! Every year, the youth create and auction off handmade tie blankets as a fundraiser. The money from the auction bene

fits NDQHYA. While we usually complete this activity at the annual meeting, this year, due to COVID-19, the youth created blankets at home on their own time, and we are completing the auction online.

Please go to the link below and place bids to purchase the blankets our youth have created. The auction will be open until Friday, January 15th. The site is free to use, and if you win a blanket, you will simply send a check to NDQHYA. We will ship the blanket at no cost to you. Please support our youth. The blankets are beautiful! (And remember to keep checking back to make sure no one has outbid you!)


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