Level 1 Show was a Success!

Thank you to all the Exhibitors that attended the Level 1 Show in West Fargo! It’s fun to see new faces and welcome them to the NDQHA family.

We hope everyone had as good of time as the volunteers had. Big hand goes to Phyllis Larson, Nancy & Steve Burke, Sue Karn and Karen Chyle for volunteering your time and humor. Nancy had great Trivia questions and the random prize box had such an assortment of trinkets. The volunteers try to make sure it’s a relaxed atmosphere. Our Judge Breanna Grebin was great to work with.

Thanks Sherri Matuska

High Points for Level 1 Show in West Fargo

Linda Shaw-Elgin and Hello Jackie Oh - (L1 Amateur High Point)

Grace Mindermann and Frostonmystockings - (L1 Youth 14-18 High Point)

Hailey Neumann and BMQ Lady Got Game - (L1 Youth 13 & Under High Point)


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