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Join the NDQHA Board!

Hello Members!

The NDQHA is looking for applicants for the Treasurer Position to begin in January 2020. Please send info to Connie Armstrong and Ryane Bakke or the NDQHA email address. This position is a paying position.

The NDQHA will also open the Secretary Position to anyone desiring. Abra Sundsbak is willing and more than capable to continue, but feels others may want to serve. Please contact Connie Armstrong or Ryane Bakke. This position is a paying position.

The NDQHYA is looking for a new Youth Advisor for the 2020 show season. Please contact Len Philpot or Ryane Bakke if you would like to serve as the youth advisor!

The NDQHA Board would love to see some new members helping this wonderful association with ideas and service.

Thank you to all our members,



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