NDQHA Membership


STEP ONE - Fill out Form and Submit.

If you are unable or prefer not to use this form, you may print or email documents the old fashioned way!​

STEP TWO - Add memberships to your Cart and Check Out. 

  1. Add membership 

    1. Single - individual wanting to join NDQHA

    2. Family - multiple members of your immediate family wanting to join NDQHA (children much be under the age of 18)

  2. If you choose Single membership please select one of the following membership options. (The fees have been already combined. Example: Single membership $25 + Youth membership $10 = TOTAL $35)

    1. Open Membership

    2. Single member - Amateur Member 

    3. Single member - Youth Member

  3. If you choose Family Membership you must add a "Family membership" to your cart

  4. Then add the specific members to your cart as well.

    1. Example with one child: Family membership $35; Sue Smith - Amateur member $15, Lisa Smith - Youth member $10; TOTAL AMOUNT =  $60

    2. Example with multiple children: Family membership $35; Andrea Thompson - Amateur member $15, Dave Thompson - Amateur member $15; Tommy Thompson - Youth member $5; Suzy Thompson - Youth member $5; TOTAL AMOUNT = $75

Our Small Fry division will be open to any breed of horse with no ownership rules. All children are welcome!


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